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We offer an overview of various online casinos online casino's and casino games. We ourselves are not a provider of casino games and are not responsible for the consequences and whether the games in any form whatever.

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Online casinos around the world

If you are an experienced online gambler, and probably also if you just started, you will know that there are thousands of casinos available on the internet. You could just pick one and stick to it, or you could search for the best one. For example the bonus codes of Ruby Fortune. But what are the things that make a Ruby Fortune or a other online casino good or bad?

Reliability / Licensed
There is no reason for a decent online casino not to be regulated by the international gambling authorities (Alderney, Antigua Barbuda, Gibraltar or Malta). So, when you are checking out online casinos, first find out if they have a casino license. If they don't, we advise you not to play there.

Money talk
Sure, online gambling is fun, but you also play to win. Payout rates vary per casino, but sometimes also per game. Some casinos have a payout rate as high as 98%. That means that for every 100 dollar spent in that casino, 98 dollar is paid to winners and jackpot prices. Most casinos won't go below 95% in payout rate, simply because they wouldn't get any players. It doesn't hurt to verify the quoted payout rate though. 'Good' online casinos are verified by third parties and you can find monthly reports on their payout rates.
A good casino doesn't delay its payments. If you won some money, you should be able to collect it and this should take no longer than a few days.
Most casinos offer attractive casino bonuses as a warm welcome. Often they double your first deposit, up to a certain maximum amount. Always check the terms and conditions, because, as you will understand, you first need to play for a certain amount before you can start withdrawing.

Customer service
Finally, a good casino will help you when you are facing problems. Email and phone are common options, but live chat is also very convenient.

Prestige casinos

We have compiled various online casinos that fall in the exclusive segment. This prestige casinos are independently selected. We are not responsible or engiszins involved in casinos below.

Other games

Royal Hold'em, Double Texas Hold'em, Double-board Hold'em, Bingo, Manila, Pineapple and Omaha Hold'em are all variations on the Texas Hold'em game. Seven-Card Stud and Five-card draw are variations of poker with no community cards. The rules of all these variations can easily be found on the internet.

Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold'em is a poker game with so-called community cards. Those are cards that are placed face up on the table and that are available for all players. The first betting round is after the players have each received two cards (face down). Then three community cards (the flop) are dealt face-up and there is another betting round. Then a fourth community card (the turn) is dealt, followed by another betting round. The final betting round is after a fifth community card (the river) is dealt face-up. If more than one player is still in, they have a showdown to determine who has the highest hand.

Prestige poker games

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Poker games

When talking about 'poker' most people are thinking about Texas Hold'em, which is the most popular variation of the poker game. Other variations do exist, also in online casinos. In all variations, a poker hand consists of five cards (even if more cards are held; only a chosen set of five cards counts). The most valuable combination of cards is a royal flush (ace, king, queen, jack and 10 with the same symbol). Second best is straight flush, then four of a kind, full house, flush, straight, three of kind, two pair and one pair. The weakest hand possible is 'high card', which is your single highest card (ace being highest). What all variations of poker also have in common is the betting rounds. The first player can choose do nothing or place a bet. The other players, in turn, choose to call (match the bet), increase the bet, or fold (they quit the round and take their losses). If a player bets and all opponents fold, the player wins and he doesn't need to show his cards. This way, the other players won't know if the raiser really had a good hand or if he was bluffing.

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